The Truth About 3 Month Transformations

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You will find many dramatic transformations on the Internet.

You will see a before photograph.

You will see an after photograph.

You will see the amount of time it took for the individual to reach from before to after.

But what you will never see is, an ‘after-after’ photograph.

“I followed a ketogenic diet and lost 30 kilos in just three months. But it was just too difficult to follow. As soon as I changed my diet, I regained all the lost weight and now I’m back where I started.”

Extreme weight loss measures are popular because they serve both those desperate to lose weight, and aspiring fitness coaches looking to enhance their social media portfolios with impressive transformations.

But the reality remains that however tempting they may be to adopt, extreme approaches to weight loss are neither healthy nor sustainable. Besides, the aftermath of regaining the weight lost during crash diets can be extremely depressing and stressful.

A good coach should educate you about the basic principles of nutrition that you can sustainably apply to modify your nutritional habits even after you have reached your target weight.

So do not fall prey to quick fixes and one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter programs.

Folly is losing a drastic amount of weight in a very short time frame.

Wisdom, and thereby a successful transformation, is the weight you can lose and keep off for life!

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