Science. Reason. Fitness. 

Alpharaj is an unbiased, independent and evidence-based organization devoted to spreading science and critical thinking in the fitness industry


Composed of several key individuals, our staff is what separates Alpharaj from the rest. Team Alpharaj was formulated with one goal in mind — perfection. We are a group of passionate intellectuals who have spent countless hours learning, perfecting and mastering our craft. Our work ethic is bar none — we barely sleep, and we will do anything necessary to take you to the next level. We live on the cutting edge. And we love what we do.
Aman Duggal - Alpharaj
Aman Duggal

When Aman founded Alpharaj in 2015, his goal was simple – to bring reason, science and integrity in the world of fitness. He realized that even though a lot of experts claim to be scientific, few actually understand the true nature of the scientific method. He is an internationally published scientific author and a scholarship student who has had the honour of learning from some of the best minds in the industry. He has lectured at several institutes and organizations and is widely regarded as one of the brightest minds in the field of fitness sciences.

Vivek - Alpharaj
Jolene Fernandes

The quietest woman in the gym who comes into her element on the deadlift, leaving chalk on the bar and all over the floor, Jolene Fernandes is a champion powerlifter and fitness professional extraordinaire. Her passion for food drives her to design delicious meal plans for her clients. As a student of gender and nutrition, she is on a mission to have women lift more and eat better. She spends the majority of her time binging on nutrition and feminist literature, setting PRs in the gym, finding new restaurants to visit and playing with any animal she comes across.

Vivek - Alpharaj
Champ Duggal

Champ is the president in resident at Alpharaj. This uncommonly intelligent canine recently turned 4, and envisioning a life beyond walks, drives and food; decided to foray into the fitness industry. He burns the midnight oil with founder Aman learning program design, and is currently furthering his education in canine metabolism and biomechanics at the Alpharaj University. He’s already way ahead of the self-proclaimed gurus of the fitness industry; strongly believes that Black Lives Matter, and will bite your anti-Feminist bum.

Sohail - Alpharaj
Sohail Shaikh

Our newest team member, Sohail, brings with him the fascinating worlds of biochemistry, genomics, pharmacology, food technology and research methodology. A true scholar, he has presented and published several papers in the field of biological sciences. Sohail has also played a pivotal role in helping us review the scientific literature on various topics in health and fitness which are widely misunderstood. As a research associate at a health care research firm, Sohail is currently working on the production of bio-diesel from oleaginous fungi.