Process Matters, Results Count

“I had a blast working with Alpharaj. I’ve not only made progress physically but I gained a lot of knowledge as well.
– Ricardo Guillen

Process of Getting Started with Alpharaj
Every Alpharaj Program Contains
  • Current nutrition and supplementation assessment consisting of present energy, macronutrient and micronutrient consumption
  • Summary of nutrition and supplementation assessment consisting of errors found including but not limited to suspected deficiencies, insufficiencies, allergies and intolerances
  • List of laboratory tests required based on findings from screening forms and present dietary habits
  • Newly designed nutrition protocol correcting previous errors and consisting of upgrading energy, macronutrient and micronutrient numbers oriented towards requirements and goals
  • Supplement recommendations based on requirements, goals and budget along with dosages and timings
  • Flexible and personalized meal plan comprising of foods most convenient and readily available along with timings oriented to goals and convenience
  • Helpful tips related to cooking, recipes, food tracking accuracy, photographs and body weight measurement
  • An overview of flexible dieting, and going over how you can track your food using an online calculator
  • Current training and physique assessment consisting of errors found in programming, muscular imbalances, strengths, weaknesses and postural problems.
  • Personalized training program consisting of everything you need to get started including specific set and rep schemes, exercise instructions, cardio recommendations and personalized warm up and cool down routines
  • List of corrective exercises with instructions for posture improvement and injury prevention
  • Workout logs to track photographs, food, body weight, exercises, weight, sets, reps, and progress
  • Cues and tips to promote strength, performance and efficiency along with recommendations for training aids and equipment
  • The weekly review with coach to analyze progress and make changes to protocol if required
  • Unlimited one on one access to coach via email, voice call or text along with constant motivation and psychological support
  • Resource and knowledge sharing, with detailed explanations whenever you have a question or doubt regarding nutrition or exercise

“Aman’s unique abilities as a coach stem from his commitment to academic excellence which has allowed him to bridge the gap between understanding and applying scientific principles”
– Mike Zourdos

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