Get Stronger Using Weight Cuffs

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Progressive overload is the principle which involves gradually increasing the stimulus for the musculoskeletal system so as to make gains in muscle size, strength and endurance. It’s a simple but often overlooked principle which lays the foundation for success in the weight room.

There are many different ways to progressively overload your muscles but the simplest and most intuitive way is to just increase weight or add more resistance.

However, this is easier said than done.

Once you’ve exhausted those noob gains, adding more weight to your lifts can become challenging.

For example, most gyms have dumbbells which increase in 5-10 pound increments.

But 5-10 pounds is too big of a jump for most people.

Gyms would be better served to have dumbbells which increase in 2.5 pound increments but most gyms don’t do that because a) it is not economical and b) most trainees just don’t care about progressive overload.

This is where weight cuffs come in. Unlike dumbbells and plates, they are an inexpensive piece of equipment which can be attached to the limbs to gradually increase the load you’re lifting.

Instead of making the big (unrealistic and unsafe) jump from 90 pound dumbbells to 100 pound dumbbells, you can use weight cuffs to increase the resistance by as less as 1 pound a side.

Give them a try.

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