Should You Get A Protein Cereal?

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High protein cereals are becoming a trend. Supplement companies like to market these products as healthier alternatives to regular cereal.

But how do these high protein cereals compare to regular cereal? And more importantly, is the high price tag justified?

1) Even though it is marketed as “high protein”, the predominant macronutrient in high protein cereal isn’t protein, but carbohydrate.

2) Per serving, a high protein cereal will provide you a measly 7 grams of protein and a healthy 25 grams of carbohydrate.

3) This 7 grams of protein per serving is only 3 grams more than a regular serving of oatmeal and only 4 grams more than a delicious serving of Chocos.

4) High protein cereal isn’t cheap – it is seven times the price of regular oatmeal.

5) Oats can be flavored and cooked as per your taste preference. You can add vegetables, spice and even some protein powder to make a delicious and healthy serving of oatmeal.

Conclusion: The reality of high protein cereal is that it really isn’t high in protein, and for the most part, it is just like any other cereal. In fact, regular cereal is tastier and easier on the pocket.

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