Five Things Virat Kohli Can Teach Us About Fitness

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After India’s sensational win against Australia on Sunday, here are five things we can learn from the man of the moment.

1) Focus on the Basics

While the other batsmen are practicing reverse sweeps and dil-scoops, Virat’s showing them how it’s done by playing basic cricketing shots.

Similarly in life, we often try to find complicated solutions to our problems, when all we really need to do is peel back a layer and focus on the basics.

So next time you hit a fat-loss plateau, instead of getting the “new” fat-loss supplement, ask yourself – am I hitting my macros consistently? Am I tracking my food accurately? Am I eating out too often?

Next time you struggle to make progress in the gym, instead of changing your training program, ask yourself – am I eating enough calories? Am I getting enough sleep? Am I training to failure too often?

More often than not, the solutions to our problems are simple. We just don’t find those solutions sexy enough.

2) Consistency

Glenn Maxwell, AB de Villiers and Chris Gayle are three of the most skillful, talented and destructive batsmen in international cricket. Yet, in the present day, Virat stands head and shoulders above them. He may not be the most flamboyant batsman on the planet, but Virat’s consistency is what separates him from the rest.

Success at the end of the day boils down to consistency. You may have great genetics, a highly qualified coach and world-class facilities. But if don’t put in the work day in and a day out, you will not maximize your potential.

So instead of fussing about the little details, make the best of what you have.

Instead of looking for an “advanced” program, find an approach which suits your lifestyle and helps you stay consistent in the long run.

3) Confidence

With wickets tumbling at the other end and Yuvraj struggling with an injury, the odds seemed stacked against India’s chances. But Virat remained calm and kept believing in himself.

We all start our fitness journeys full of ambition and confidence.

And then life happens.

A stressful day at work, and your training goes for a toss. A friend’s wedding, and your diet goes haywire.

At times like this, it’s easy to lose hope and get disheartened.

But remember – a few bad days cannot erase years of hard work.

Life is like cricket. There are ups and downs – highs and lows. Some days you win, some days you lose.

So shrug off the bad days and keep grinding. And never stop believing in yourself.

4) Courage

Virat is known for speaking his mind and giving it back to the opposition. This goes against the more conservative and politically-correct approach employed by other sportsmen.

We all have things we want to say; we all have things we want to do.

And more often than not, we keep our thoughts to ourselves because we’re afraid of what others will think about us.

But sometimes, we must give it back.

If you see something which you find inappropriate, speak up.

We all have limited time on this planet to do the things we want to do, and say the things we want to say.

So don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Express yourself.

5) Calculated Risks

As the run-rate kept creeping up, Kohli kept his cool, valued his wicket and took the game till the end. And as soon the opportunity presented itself, he capitalized!

Our fitness journeys are no different. Most of us are so eager to get quick results that we end up trying methods which burn us out and negatively affect our health.

Think about it – crash diets, drugs and “balls-to-the-wall” training programs. We’ve all either used or thought about using these extreme measures to get results. And most of us have repented later.

While there are certainly occasions where these methods come in handy, there is a time and place for everything. If you’re just a few years into the fitness lifestyle, set realistic goals.

Think about your long term health, think about your family and think about the bigger picture.

While, “sacrifice to win” sounds sassy, “slow and steady” usually wins the race.

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